The start:

Elite Looter doesn't have one real starting point, but the recommended start is to do ;tutorial.

This will give you a basic explanation of how the bot works and give you a headstart with a mythic crate; the best crate that elite looter has.

A more elaborate tutorial can be found here!

After gathering some coins:

So you have talked with your friends for a bit and opened a few crates, but you are wondering: dude, why do I not get the big money?

That's because you haven't bought any upgrades yet! Upgrade your chances in the shop (;shop) and click this link to learn more about the different upgrades and the shop in general.

Manage your server

Elite Looter contains an option command to manage what elite looter can and can't do on your server. If you for example don't want crate messages anymore, you can turn them off with ;options set dmmessages true.

Specific and more detailed information about the options command can be found here!

Help us out

Elite Looter is a free bot and there is no intent to change that anytime soon. You can help us out by donating directly on Patreon, or donate on paypal: Terms of donating can be found in the rules channel in Elite Looter Support

You can also directly buy crates or coins from the shop. If you don't immediately get your rewards, send me a dm on discord: Sjustein#8204.